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Yet another succesful year despite Covid

Yet another succesful year despite Covid

In my 12 years as Principal this is most likely the most special school term of all. Covid-19 has tested our abilties to deliver a good school. It has tested our staff in many different ways. Many of our staff come from other countries and it hasn't been easy to come to work while not being able to help their loved ones back home. For our Swedish staff the challenges were also immense. Yet, we delivered. 96% of our staff answered that they would recommend the school. 97% of our students answered that they felt safe and 98% of our parents said that they would recommend our school to other parents. We have a good school and we are proud of the work that we've done. There are many challenges in running a school and we know that there are many small things that need fixing but right now we will choose to be happy, rest and enjoy the summer that is approaching. 

Important: Introduction Day


Due to the current recommendations regarding the situation with the Corona virus in our society,  we as a school have chosen to reschedule the Introduction Day for our future grade 3 students that was set for Saturday, March 21st.

The New date for the day is Saturday, May 30th.

If you have not received this information in by mail, you need to update mail details with us.

To do this please contact

From the Principal

An excellent Fritids

An excellent Fritids

Our goal is to offer our students an excellent education. This extends to our Fritids. For us Fritids is an important complement to what students do during the day. We want them to continue to develop important skills that will help them succeed in life. Through well designed activities, we try to constantly ensure that we touch on all these skills. Combine this with staff that are engaged and you have a recipe for success. Add excellent facilities and it gets even better. With close to 80% of our children from grade 3 to 4 that are part of our Fritids, we in Sundsvall are among the best IES schools to get students to stay and enjoy Fritids. 

Likvärdig undervisning och betygsättning

Ytterligare ett bevis på att vi kan lita på vår betygsättning!

I vårt systematiska arbete med att se till att vi sätter trovärdiga och rättvisa betyg är Skolverkets statistik viktigt information för oss som skola. Nu har bland annat siffror om förra årets nationella prov samt slutbetyg kommit ut. Där ser vi att vi, bland mycket annat, ligger oerhört bra till när det gäller korrelationen mellan provresultat och slutbetyg i tex ämnet matematik. 82.8% av våra elever nådde samma betyg på provet som i slutbetyg. Detta kan jämföras med Sundsvalls kommun där endast 65% nådde samma resultat och hela 34% fick ett högre slutbetyg. 

Vi har erfarna och professionella lärare som investerar mycket tid i att bedriva en så likvärdig undervisning och betygsättning som möjligt och detta är ytterligare ett bevis på att de strävar åt rätt håll. Vi är stolta över deras hårda och viktiga arbete.

Korrelation nationella prov resultat gentemot slutbetyg i ämnet matematik 2018/2019


Lägre: 9.8% 

Lika: 82.8% 

Högre: 7.4%

Sundsvalls kommun 

Lägre: 1% 

Lika: 65% 

Högre: 34%

From the Principal

Our students feel safe!

Our students feel safe!

Our latest anonymous survey has shown that 97% of our students feel safe in our school. This is amazing but we are far from being happy as our goal is 100%! We've grown in the last years and we've maintained our quality. We will continue to invest, change and improve so that we can keep on delivering the best possible education to our students so that they keep on learning and developing skills.