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We are HIRING!!

At Internationella Engelska Skolan we are always looking for good, engaged and motivated teachers to join our staff. If you think that Internationella Engelska Skolan  in Sundsvall might be the right place for you please contact: 
Subjects in English
PE grade 7 to 9
Math grade 6 to 9
Science grade 6 to 9
English grade 3 to 5
English grade 6 to 9
Subjects in Swedish
Home ec. 
Music grade 3 to 5 
Swedish grade 3 to 5
Swedih grade 6 to 9
Math grade 3 to 5 
SO grade 3 to 5
SO grade 6 to 9 
Fritids pedagoger

Some of the Results from the Gymnastics DM

Some of the Results from the Gymnastics DM








   Y4/5 Competition

Felicia Solomonsson 4d - 1st in Matta / Floor

Meya Lindgren Olsson 5a -  2nd in Räcka / Single bar

Tuvalie Sandgren 5b - 3rd in Ringar / Rings

Y6 Competition

Nike Sandin 6e - 1st in Matta / Floor

Nike Sandin 6e - 1st in Räcka / Single bar

Nike Sandin 6e - 1st in Ringar / Rings

Nike Sandin 6e - 1st in Hoppa / Vault

Nike Sandin 6e - 1st Overall 


Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

WHAT A NIGHT! Every year our year 9 Halloween Haunted house is more amazing than the next. This is year our year 9's pulled off an amazing preformance. The wait was over an hour , but that did not stop the sundsvall community from coming out to support our year 9's.

It was one of the best ever! Well Done class of 2018!



A number of members of  our IESS staff are participating in "MOVEMBER"  and growing moustaches for the month of November to raise money to tackle men's health issues.  If you want to have a look at the team, and donate a few kronor, you can find the information here:

From the Principal

We walk together

We walk together

Our school is in constant evolution and yet we never change. This, I strongly believe, describes very well our school. We always want to develop but never change the values that guide us. When a new person joins us we quickly communicate this with them. Emma, one of our ex students, joined our team this week and, through her introduction week, got to meet many of the current people that work at IESS. In our last discussion we focused on one thing: Here at IESS we walk together. Yes we debate. Yes we want people to challenge our ways but once we've decided something we walk together. She seemed very pleased with this. Structure allows for creativity.