Life at IES Sundsvall

Hello. When you open the doors to IES Sundsvall you are warmly greeted by staff and students bustling by glass cases and walls showcasing trophies, awards, and photos of our success through the years.

Walking through the corridors you can see students chatting with friends, immersed in books, engaged in discussions with teachers, and working to get their homework done in time for class.  Down in Junior Club you can see students being active playing games, creating art projects, and dancing.

As a student you might frequently check out the superheroes display on the TV in the main hallway to see which of your friends has been helping out around the school through random acts of kindness. Leaving the lunch hall you may stop to listen to the heated discussions of the Great Debate competition or to enjoy the lunch gigs put on by your peers.

There is no such thing as a  typical day at IES Sundsvall. Something is always happening here at school; from theme days to academic competitions, the one thing you can always count on is that there is never a dull day here at IES Sundsvall!