How can I apply to study at IESS?

Many questions come to us about how applications for students work. Here are some quick answers:

1) You can apply online, or by sending a paper version of the form to our head office address.

2) We accept applications at any point during the school year including the summer months - but cannot always guarantee places. 

 3) After we receive your application we check to see if there are available places in your year group. If there are, we send out a confirmation request which both parents have to sign and return. We confirm by email that you have a place in the school and we regularly send out emails to the whole queue to keep you updated on student events and school information.

4) Once you are accepted to the school, you need to tell your current school that you are leaving and fill out a form which you give to them directly.

5) We will also contact you to obtain information in regards to food allergies, information from previous school etc.

6) The first day of school is August 22nd - we will be keeping our school calendar page regularly updated so check back soon.

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Where do your students come from and is it necessary for my child to be good English already when they start at IES?

Our students come from many different places. Some are native English speakers but most are of Swedish origin and has passed the compulsory Swedish school. 
To be good English is not a prerequisite to start in our schools. Most of our students have attended Swedish schools before they come to us and have received basic knowledge of English. 
Our experienced teachers are familiar with teaching English to students at different levels. Students in grade four are introduced to the English language by having a more gradual immersion in the language.