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Pumpkins and candles

Development talks have started, giving both parents and students an opportunity to meet with their mentor and talk about the first five weeks at Engelska Skolan.  This is an interesting meeting for all involved, but especially for our students as they are the focus and they also get the chance to lead most of the meeting. How did they prepare?  Every class spent almost 90 minutes going through what these talks are about, how they should be run and then letting students practice leading them.  Students' goals were also discussed. Goals? Yes indeed, every student was asked to decide a few goals to strive for over the coming months. "I will be on time to my lessons", "I want to be a better leader in the school and welcome new students".  These goals are important as they involve the students in their studies.

But tomorrow is the big day.... Halloween. We have many teachers from Canada and with them comes a tradition that all Canadians love -the day of the Dead. So tomorrow our 30 staff and 250 students will be dressed up as vampires, batman, princesses etc. and walk our corridors. What's next? We are preparing for Lucia, that's the beauty of our school -different traditions meet and sometimes collide but it's never boring and always enriching.

From the Principal

A great start 2009/10/12

We have succeeded! Starting a school is not an easy task, starting an Engelska Skolan is even harder. Why? Because we are aiming for something that is much harder to create -a school where students feel safe.

I can honestly say that I am more than pleased with the product. We asked our year-6 students in an anonymous survey if they felt safe in the corridors and cafeteria -100% of our students answered a firm yes! We then asked them if they felt safe outside and again they answered yes. This was a primary goal for us -to create an environment where students felt safe. Why is it so important? Study after study shows that students do better in an environment that is safe and secure. Students dare to express themselves, they grow as individuals and learn to respect themselves and others. Can you imagine going to work every day at a workplace where you felt threatened or unsafe? We as adults would never accept this, it should be the same for students.

How did we achieve this? We are relentless and we focus on the small things as we believe that if you take care of the small things the big things can be prevented. Let the students sit with their feet on the bench and you then send the message that a behavior like this is appropriate and soon students find themselves running around the corridors, destroying school property etc. But it is hard work and we still have a long way to go. The next few months will be used to develop the school's culture where safety and respect are key components. An outside teacher came to our school last week and was amazed by the reception students gave her once she came in the school -she said that within a few minutes close to 20 students asked her if she needed help. She had been to many different schools because of her work and never had she felt this way. This is why I'm proud to say we are slowly succeeding.