PTA -  Parent Teacher Association

We are what we are called - guardians who support our children's amazing teachers and the great staff of the school to do those extra activities because we want to add a golden edge!


We guardians have our children in a wonderful school where there are lots of ideas to make fun things happen both during and after school hours. It is both the staff and students who come up with the different activities. However, it is a challenge for the staff to help arrange and fix everything by themselves. That's where we guardians comes into the picture! We are about 2400 parents and if we have the opportunity to spend three hours each year helping out, it will be a great deal of time (18 st ¼ services)!


The Student Council and the staff come up with many fun ideas, which we unfortunately have to say no to simply because of resource shortages.


We therefore encourage the guardians of the school to sign up to help! We, the PTA, will then invite you to different activities and you sign up for the activity you think seems fun and then you get more information on what to do. It will be unforgettable hours and we can promise you that you will become addicted to experience the amazing energy of the school yet again!

Autumn activities (so far) Haunted House, LAN, Christmas breakfast (for staff) and PTA Awards

Spring activities (so far)

Health Month, LAN, Color Run/School Jog, Y9 Prom, PTA Awards and ice cream truck

Wishes (a selection)


Movie night

Drama Night


Practical information

Sign up for our time bank by sending your name, email address, child's name and class to

You will then receive individual monthly emails with information on what is going on and the invitations to participate in activities.

Please contribute as a support member, 100kr/child and school year. Enter the child's name and class. 123 466 39 02 499-5262